As a rising force in the industry, Sinic Holdings has always adhered to the strategy of urban cultivation, quality assurance and service productisation. Through high-level corporate and ESG governance, we ensure the Group's compliant operations and sustainable development. We are committed to continuously enhancing our market influence and brand competitiveness, building an all-rounded living platform with the support of a happy community, and originating infinite happiness.


Strictly abiding by the Company Law of the People's Republic of China and the regulatory requirements of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, we have established an efficient and reasonable governance structure for listed companies, strictly regulated risk management and control processes, and continuously improved management transparency and responsibility traceability to improve company value and guarantee the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders.

Quality First, Setting a New Standard of All-round Services


Adhering to the strategy of high quality and customer demand as the orientation, Sinic always adheres to the intensive cultivation of products, pays attention to space creation and life creation, constantly innovates and selects products, advances the quality of home furnishings, and gives owners a warm and happy life.

A new "3+1" quality control system consisting of the group engineering management center, regional companies, project departments and independent third parties has been established to ensure the effective management and implementation of projects. The seven systems of project management have been implemented to form a full-process management system covering incoming material inspection to delivery review. At the same time, the group has also launched an information management platform to ensure the implementation of full-cycle node management and control of the project to ensure high-quality output.


Established an industry-leading customer value management system, formulated service productisation strategies by focusing on our “360 Happiness” services, and provided comprehensive service solutions to our customers’ concerns, thoughts and needs for the whole process of “purchasing, handover and living” in their residence, in order to offer home buyers services which are comprehensive, professional and personal, bringing into fruition our vision of “worry-free home purchase, housing quality and living”.

Adopting the full-life-cycle contact experience coverage research model, which covered nearly 60,000 customers, and the total customer satisfaction score was 89.9 points by virtue of quality service, which has been continuously improved for five consecutive years. Among the key indicators property management services, gardens and landscapes, maintenance services, planning and supporting facilities, and apartment design are ranked in the forefront.

Green Practices and Revitalisation of New Urban Ecology


In the design R&D stage of projects, with a view of having buildings to better serve our property owners, we pay attention to the application of green and energy-saving technology and facilities while actively conducting measures to reduce energy and resource consumption during operations.


Minimise our environmental impact during the construction of green buildings. The Group has devised the Environmental Guidelines for Standardised Sites and Safe and Civilized Management Requirements which clarify relevant requirements for green construction and promote the environmental protection and conservation of four resources, namely energy, land, water and materials, aiming to develop green, standardised construction sites.


Sinic vigorously promoted green office and implemented office waste categorisation during our daily operations.

Perform new-style checks of our offices and reward centres with good performance in energy conservation

Advocate energy conservation in offices and perform random inspections of our centres to ensure all power sources are switched off after work

Incorporate recycling concepts into packaging design and avoid excessive packaging when preparing gifts for employees and ensure all such packaging is reusable

In the field of intelligent security, both outdoors and indoors of SINIC 4.0 products have been fully upgraded.

Provide employees with potted plants on their desks to increase green coverage

The Wuxi Feicui Wan project was awarded the green building two-star project, and the Chengdu Feicui Wan project was awarded the titles of "Chengdu Standard Construction Site" and "Chengdu Green Construction Site"

Wuxi • Fecui Wan project

Chengdu Jade Wan project

Reform Corporate Powers in People-oriented Ways

Through fair and transparent employment policies and the establishment of a scientific incentive mechanism and a comprehensive talent development system, we strive to offer an extensive development platform for diverse talent teams.

Always adhering to the "people-oriented" concept of talent responsibility, by strengthening communication with employees, we strive to create a unique "one box, two meetings" communication mechanism, listen to each employee's suggestions and suggestions, and try our best to meet their needs.

We respect and care for every employee, implement an employee care fund plan and a medical assistance plan to effectively address the needs of employees and improve the happiness of every new employee at work

Sinic Anniversary Celebration

Collective Birthday Party for Employees

“Goddess Day” Theme Activities

Mid-Autumn Festival Theme Activities

Supplier Management

The Group follows the principle of open, fair and just procurement, carries out strict qualification examination on suppliers, selects suppliers according to targeted standards such as category, qualification and performance, and ensures transparent control of procurement process.

Supplier Assessment

Performance Evaluation Form for Supplier to evaluate suppliers on a regular basis from the two parts of “cost control” and “coordination and cooperation”.

Incorruptible Cooperation

Advocated the cooperation tenet of “transparent, honesty and self-discipline”, resolutely opposed any illegal behaviors such as favoritism, fraud, bribery, etc.. We have set up Integrity Clauses specifically in the supply contract to ensure the open and transparent business cooperation of all parties.

Incorruptible Cooperation

Advocated the cooperation tenet of “transparent, honesty and self-discipline”, resolutely opposed any illegal behaviors such as favoritism, fraud, bribery, etc.. We have set up Integrity Clauses specifically in the supply contract to ensure the open and transparent business cooperation of all parties.

Sinic won the honorary title of “2015-2018 Antifraud Advanced Enterprise Unit” issued by China Antifraud Alliance.


Sinic Holdings is committed to maintaining good and effective daily communication with suppliers, jointly negotiating the sustainable development of the industry, and creating a symbiotic and win-win industry environment.

Sinic Family Living Room

The first partner conference

Child Friendly Pilot Community

Actively used its own advantages in community development and construction to respond to the initiative of China Children Friendly community promotion plan initiated by Beijing Yongzhen Public Welfare Foundation, and rendered strategic cooperation this foundation, becoming the first pilot community of Children Friendly in China’s real estate industry.

Sinic “Benefiting Space” Community

The Sinic Charity Foundation and Huizhou Government have piloted the transformation of Maidi Community in Huicheng District, Huizhou. The renovation area is more than 4,000 square meters, benefiting more than 10,000 residents.

Sinic Poverty Alleviation Plan

Industrial poverty alleviation:

Establish two industrial poverty alleviation bases in Jiangxi (Bailian Industrial Aid Base, Jinggangshan Honey Pomelo Industrial Aid Base)

Education Poverty Alleviation:

Sinic donated 2 Sinic Hope Primary School and 3 Sinic Hope buildings in Jiangxi Province to improve teaching facilities in poor rural schools.

Poverty Alleviation for the Elderly:

Family Support Project, the establishment of Xiaosong Nursing Home for the semi-disabled elderly

Social poverty alleviation:

Sinic Venture Philanthropy has funded poverty alleviation projects in the fields of industry, education, health, etc. in 8 prefecture-level cities and 22 impoverished counties in Jiangxi Province, with 68,290 direct and indirect beneficiaries

Sinic carried out 16 public welfare projects in China, covering 125 subprojects, benefiting 272,468 people.

In the future, Sinic will also stand at a new starting point to face new challenges, continue to make breakthroughs and innovations, and strive to organically integrate sustainable development with its own business model to create a beautiful living environment and create unlimited happiness.